5 cheapest ways to conserve on car fuel

Conserve car fuel by Karlo 11042016.jpg

What car owners fear, aside from unwanted dents and road accidents, is the fluctuating price of car fuel in the market. You might have the money to fill up the tank whenever you run out of gas, but it helps to learn a few things in fuel economy.

Below are tips on how you can save gas on the road.

Don’t brake too hard

Avoid accelerating or braking too hard. Maintain your speed at an average. This will prevent you from a sudden stop when the traffic light turns red. Go easy on your driving and don’t let roadrunners bully you into a racing competition. Remember that you’re not the only person enduring the dreading traffic in the metro.  

1. Avoid over revving

If you’re really serious about fuel saving, you might need to drop the habit of over revving when starting your car. Put in mind to never go beyond the “redline”. Change up your gear in a good time when you pull away or before reaching 2,500 revs.

2. Tune in your engine

Regular car check-ups can actually help you save your car fuel. As you may know, changing your oil is important in maintaining your vehicle. Follow your car service manual and be the responsible car owner that you are.

3. Be sure that tires are at the right pressure

You would know if your tires are not at the right pressure. If this is the case, ask someone at the gas station to help you put air pressure in either tires. An uneven tire can cause to higher fuel consumption so make sure that your tires are perfectly inflated before hitting the road.

4. Avoid carrying excess weight

Don’t weigh your car down. Going to a far-off destination doesn’t mean bringing your whole house with you. For every extra hundred pound you load, fuel efficiency drops by 1 to 2 percent. Try to pack lightly by bringing only the necessary things. You’ll thank yourself later on.

5. Check air filters

Learn to maintain a clean car by checking your exterior and interior parts. Not only will your air conditioner blow off cooler air, but cleaning your air filter will also improve fuel economy by 10%.

You don’t really need to get a new vehicle to save a lot more (from maintenance and fuel mileage). Maintenance and proper care of your car will go a long way.


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