5 road trip destinations in Luzon

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Planning a road trip, but don’t know where to go?  Here are five destinations in Luzon, you’re sure to enjoy.

  1. Baguio

Up until today, Baguio is still the Philippines’ summer capital. Every year, backpackers and even tourists swarm the city. The 5 hour drive to Baguio is scenic filled with views of mountains and valleys. After all, they do say that getting there is half the journey. If you’re a road trip junkie you’ll enjoy the long winding roads as you climb the plateau to get to Baguio.   You’ll certainly enjoy the fresh cool air of Baguio for a change from the humidity of the city.  In fact, Baguio’s cool temperatures that can reach 10 degrees Celsius is one of the reasons it’s the summer capital of the Philippines.

Safety Reminder: Watch out for landslides and falling rocks when climbing the steep roads of Baguio.  

2. Baler

If you like surfing, then there’s no question about it!  You should definitely take a road trip to Baler. Sabang Beach is where the local surfers catch the best waves. Aside from surfing, there are also a lot of waterfalls you can enjoy in Baler. Baler is a nature-lover’s paradise. It’s relatively undiscovered so you’ll find less commercial establishments, unlike more popular tourist attractions.

Safety Reminder:  When you’re planning a trip to Baler, stay tuned to the weather news forecast for reports of possible typhoons that may hit landfall.  

  1. Subic

Subic is one of those timeless places; people visit time and time again—and for a very good reason – there’s always something new happening in Subic.  The Subic Zoo is one of the few places in the Philippines and one of the best the country’s best zoos you can actually find exotic animals in, like tigers.  But the Subic Zoo isn’t the only place to find animals in Subic, try Ocean Adventure. It’s a water show that showcases the intelligence of dolphin’s even false killer whales.  You can even swim with the water mammals, if you want to.  

Safety Reminder:  Watch out for your belongings especially from the wild life.

  1. Tagaytay

If you leave early, Tagaytay is near enough that you can visit in half a day.  It’s one of the best things about Tagaytay and why it’s the most popular destinations for local tourists from Manila.  Whether you want to experience horseback riding, riding a ferris wheel or just chilling. Tagaytay has the amenities and spectacular views of the Taal Lake to make your trip memorable.  

Safety Reminder:  Drive safely. The roads leading to Tagaytay are often curved and zig zagged so be cautious and maintain the speed limit.

  1. Batangas

Its unavoidable – Batangas has to be in this list of the top road trip destinations in Luzon. And the reason is simple; it has the nearest beaches relative to Manila.  There are many beach resorts in Batangas, you can visit for a day tour or stay overnight at.   Some of the beach resorts require a club membership but there are plenty of beaches that you can choose from which do not.  Trip Advisor lists the top ranking accommodations you can find in Batangas.  

Safety Reminder:  Many of the resorts in Batangas are hide to find, so contact the resort you’re planning to stay at to avoid getting lost.  

Simple getaways can lead you to the most unforgettable trips with good food and good company.


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