Things to know about your car battery

Car batter by Ronnel 11022016.jpg

Why worry about your car battery when you can simply call for replacement, right? Well, as a car owner, you should also know your battery and how it works. It’s your car after all.

Below is a list of facts you should take down for future battery failure.

  1. Up to five years of battery life

A car’s battery life isn’t meant to last forever. At some point, you have to replace it once or twice depending on the usage. Ideally, car batteries can live up to five years with proper care and maintenance. Battery failure, however, may occur too soon because of electrical faults, loss of water or under or overcharging.

  1. Replace with correct battery for your vehicle specifications

Take note that a universal car battery does not exist. There are certain specifications you need to consider before replacing your battery with another. It’s best to leave it to professionals and follow original specs from your car manufacturer.

  1. A “Stop-start” technology

The “Stop-start” technology doesn’t just save the battery life of a vehicle but also reduces carbon dioxide emissions produced by these cars. This feature in car batteries can be found in a number of manufacturers like BMW, Audi, Volkswagen and Fiat. You might have to pay more for a battery with this technology.

  1. Battery disposal should be environmentally done

Throwing away your car battery shouldn’t be done simply. The law requires that car batteries must be kept away from typical discards to prevent these hazardous materials in local dumpsites. One way to get rid of spent car batteries is to contact a battery recycling service. This way, you save both your health and the environment.

These are a few facts that can help you when it comes to handling car batteries. It is important to understand that proper care and usage of your car can take you to many places.


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