10 of the most unforgettable rides in Hollywood movies



Actors are not the only ones that give color in movies. There are the sidekicks, love interests, goons, and their most precious automobiles.

If you’re a big fan of action and sci-fi films, you’ll probably recognize some of the vehicles listed below.

  1. 1973 Volkswagen Transporter

photo credit: imcdb

The Hoovers family in a road movie, Little Miss Sunshine, drove off with their yellow VW bus on a cross country trip to the Little Miss Sunshine pageant.

  1. Shaggin’ Wagon

photo credit: digitalshortbread

The giant sheep dog car in Dumb and Dumber can never be more hilarious especially when Harry and Lloyd are the ones behind the wheel. This sheep covered van is a 1984 Ford Econoline with the screen name “Shaggin’ Wagon.”

  1. Bumblebee

photo credit: michiganclassics

A Chevrolet Camaro stars in the Transformers series as Bumblee Bee, everyone’s favorite transformer, most likely.

  1. Toretto’s Charger

photo credit: autoforcar2013

A 1970 Dodge Charger appears in the action series The Fast and the Furious whose body can twist as the engine starts to rev. How bad-ass, right?


photo credit: blogspot

  1. Buck’s Pussy Wagon


A badass woman deserves a badass ride. A 1997 Chevrolet C-2500 Silverado Fleetside takes the name ‘Pussy Wagon’ in Tarantino film Kill Bill where former assassin takes revenge against all her friends turned enemies.

  1. Pursuit Special

photo credit: deanoinamerica

The loud, fast and fierce 1973 Ford Falcon XB GT Coupe is Mad Max’s Pursuit Special which is also used as a police car.

  1.  Louise’s Thunderbird

photo credit: Pinterest

Two fugitives Thelma and Louise wish to exit the country with hopes of having a new life. Because of so much pressure, they agreed to fly in a 1966 Ford Thunderbird and escape from everyone completely.

  1. Greased Lightning

photo credit: rottentomatoes

The two types of Greased lightning from the movie Grease are both 1948 Ford De Luxe which can apparently race and fly at the same time.

  1. George Barris Batmobile

photo credit: Pinterest

A customized 1954 Lincoln Futura is Batman’s Batmobile in Batman: The movie. The car is a George Barris design based on the Lincoln Futura concept.

  1. Mr. Frye’s Ferrari

photo credit: imcdb

A 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder SWB is Bueller’s ride in a John Hughes coming-of-age film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Indeed, a chic and beautiful car that crashed dramatically from the garage of Mr. Frye’s house. Fortunately, filmmakers used a mere replica, and not an actual Ferrari.

  1. Herbie

photo credit: Pinterest

The Beetle trend in the 1960s inspired the movies the Love Bug, and four other Herbie movies with Disney star Lindsay Lohan who plays as an auto car racer. A 1963 Model 117 Volkswagen Beetle type is Herbie, a little grey race car with a unique personality.


  1. Doc Brown’s De Lorean

985 sci-fi film Back to the Future introduces Doc Emmet Brown’s 1981 De Lorean DMC-12 turned time machine auto. The de Lorean also appeared in the last two Future films and, indeed, a classic Hollywood movie s which stars Michael J Fox.

If we all could just ride some of  these beautiful and ‘advanced’ prod vehicles, we would then feel like movie stars, too. Oh, well.


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