5 slang words your parents have no idea of

More and more people are conveniently relying on emoticons and trendy slang terms to express themselves on the internet or through text. This is why, sometimes, your parents get mad over a text message you sent them for using abbreviations–so petty you just ‘LMFAO’.

Below are 5 slang words your mom and dad should learn ASAP before they completely turn into beast mode.

  1. LMFAO


Jokes are funny but there are some which are excruciatingly hilarious. Apparently, there is a hierarchy of ‘funny’ to which we use to perfectly depict what we feel towards a joke or a situation.

LMFAO stands for Laughing my F****** Ass Off, is the superlative of the slang LOL (Laughing Out Loud), following ROFL (Rolling On the Floor Laughing) and LMAO (Laughing My A** Off).

You’re parents may not get it at first but they will, eventually.

Technically, these abbreviations started during the YM (Yahoo! Messenger) era–where online users initially sent moving emoticons as response. It’s been widely used on social media and text messaging since.

  1. WTF


WTF or ‘What the F***’ can be equivalent to the Filipino expression “ano ba yan,” which conveys utter dismay or disbelief. Teens use this more often than the less vulgar ‘What the Hell’ or WTH.

If everything goes too late and already send it to your mom or dad, you can use the safest and closest (and the most ridiculous) meaning of the slang-“Where’s The Fish”- to get away, hopefully.

  1. IDK


“IDK about you but I’m feeling 22”

IDK or ‘I Don’t Know’ is the go-to slang people use to save themselves from a wearisome conversation. Although this might be offensive to some, it is the simplest way to get off a situation you’re not interested in the first place any way.

  1. PM


It has been a habit to send out shortcuts since the arrival of different social media sites. People started sending ‘Personal Messages’ or PMs when they prefer to communicate privately.

It might be best to ask your parents to send you a “PM” if you don’t have enough load to reply through text. How convenient, right?

  1. ATM


The one ATM your parents are aware of is the ‘Automated Teller Machine’ and you shouldn’t be surprised. However, today’s generation has given a different meaning to the acronym that is “at the moment”. You better clarify things like this to your mother or she’ll get real confused about what you’re talking about.

The online world ATM is filled with these short terms, and even shorter words some couldn’t just decipher. Perhaps, you should define what the abbreviation means before sending it out in the world wide web.

IDK, what do you think?


from giphy. com


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