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Buncio comes back as the first female racing champ


Jacquelyn “Jacq” Buncio makes history as the first female victor in the Pirelli Cup Superbike Championship, succeeded against male competition .

Jacq, sister of legendary superbike champ Maico Buncio, follows her brother’s footsteps at the young age of 16, showing no fear while racing with fellow Superbike riders.

Her brother’s death had been devastating for the rest of the family, and the nation, which adds to her mother’s hesitation about doing the same passion as Maico.

“After Maico’s death and (his brother) Barny’s retirement, we never thought we’d go back to racing again,” said her mother Mylene Buncio.

“We thought that the girls (Jacq and Des) would learn the family business so they can mind it later,” she added.

Yoyong Buncio also shared that his daughter’s victory will serve as their comeback to preach safety in motor racing.

“The need for speed is achieved on the race track and not on the streets. That is one of the philosophies that we are preaching, that’s why we are here,” said Yoyong.


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