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Women dragged, eaten by zoo tiger in Beijing


A woman was attacked and eaten alive by two Siberian tigers while driving through its enclosure at Badaling Wildlife Park in Beijing, China.

A footage of the incident shows the pouncing of the zoo tiger on the victim as she’s supposed to replace seats with the driver of the car.

The woman, known by her surname Zhao, went out of the vehicle to take on the driver seat not knowing that a zoo tiger would drag her to her death.

Two of the passengers ran after the woman, however, too late to rescue.

The daughter survived the accident and is seeking compensation worth $2.3 million  which the park refused to pay.

Yanquing district government said tourists should recognize the policies of the Park, especially when they are inside a predators’ territory.

Signs at the Park warn visitors to stay in their vehicles as they explore the animal enclosure.

Balding Wildlife has been closed since the accident to give way for further investigations.

 A similar incident happened in 2014 where a zookeeper at the same Park was killed after being bitten by a Bengal Tiger.


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