Nationwide smoking ban lays out as per Executive order


A 100% smoke-free Philippines is expected to take place as President Rodrigo Duterte signs an Executive Order (EO) which bans smoking in public places.

The President revealed that he is to finalize the EO regarding the nationwide smoke-ban to which he also first initiated in his municipality in Davao.

“If you want to smoke, find a place where it is allowed,” said Pres. Duterte on Sunday, October 16.

Stricter policies about the smoke-ban is under its way as he restricts even smoking in enclosed places, like cubicles inside establishments.

The President also shared his long-years of suffering from Barret’s esophagus that resulted from his smoking many years ago.

It was only last March that a Health Warnings Law was implemented, signed by former President “Noynoy” Aquino in 2014, where cigarette packs are embedded with graphic warnings about the effects of smoking.

A draft of the EO smoke ban is prepared by the Department of Health and will be in effect by end of October.



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