Pres. Duterte acknowledges death toll, won’t release latest narco list?


President Rodrigo Roa Duterte fears that announcing latest drug personalities could spark more killings among users and pushers.

In his speech before the Philippine Coast Guard on Wednesday, Duterte said releasing latest narco list would “discourage” Filipinos and could worsen bloodshed across the country.

“I said be careful that there are about 5,000 barangay captains on my list. Nagda-dalawang isip ako (I am having second thoughts),” said the President.

After two rounds of narco list announcements, Pres. Duterte acknowledged and looked onto high-profile drug criminals who would “start to cleanse themselves among themselves” to clear their names regarding the matter at hand.

He, likewise, admitted that they are trying to “validate, revalidate and validate and revalidate” names on the given list to be “fair” to everybody.

The head of state would then give the list to the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) to deliver.

Roughly 2,000 names were mentioned since his announcement in July and they expect to uncover several more in the months to come.

Amid the multiple “revalidation” of the list, Pres. Duterte gave an apology for mistakenly including Pangasinan officials, Rep. Amado Espino, Raul Sison and Raffy Baraan in the so-called “narcopoliticians”.


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