Miss Philippines-Earth explains ‘Hitler’ remark via Facebook post

Miss Philippines-Earth Imelda Schweighart explains ‘Hitler’ comment after social media flak over a short video with Austrian candidate Kimberly Budinsky.

“Our President is doing Hitler stuff in the Philippines,” said Schweighart in her Facebook live video after Budinsky steered clear of the matter.

In her Facebook status, the beauty queen stated that she is, in fact, a “Duterte follower” and is “delighted” with changes happening under the new administration.

Imelda Schweighart apologizes for Hitler comment

Imelda Schweighart apologizes for Hitler comment

“The people who talk to me everyday knows how delightful I am to see and experience the change he has (sic) made happen so far,” posted Schweighart.

The 21-year old beauty titlist continued to defend herself, and even blamed “online news” for saying such remark.

“I was just not able to explain what I really meant further in Facebook live because my mind was occupied with the other delegates I want to capture on my Facebook Live cover,” she added.

Schweighart, likewise, spoke further about the issue in a press conference where she expressed her deepest apology regarding the language slip-up.

“It hurt my feelings, but then I realized it’s what [Miss] Austria thinks [that matters] the most, it’s not what other people think,” said Schweighart.

Miss-Earth Austria then, gave her two cents about the issue to which she explained that talking about the German dictator is deemed inappropriate in her country.

“As I said, it’s something we don’t really want to talk about because it is something in Austria that is very, you know, they’re holding a big thing. It’s not like that in every part of the world,” said Miss Austria.

Moreover, Miss Earth candidates are preparing for the pageant to happen on October 29 at SM Mall of Asia (MOA) in Pasay City.


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