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5 laidback inspirations for your next Halloween getup

When we say laid back, we mean, easy, chill and plain simple. But how simple can a Halloween costume be?

Below are 5 local inspirations for your next Halloween costume without even trying too hard.

  1. The classic Mummy outfit

Mummy costume using toilet paper

The day has arrived for the annual spooky festivities and for some reason (lazy, broke, just don’t want to go) you haven’t picked up your costume yet. No idea, whatsoever. But hey, you can always find things at home (in your bathroom) that can save you in a snap.

Tissue rolls! Yes. You can strut around in your Egyptian look by wrapping your whole body with rolls of tissue paper. Classic, simple and effortless, that’s how you do it.

  1. Yaya Dub in her kitchen attire

Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza in polka dots apron.

A year ago, the internet went gaga over an on-screen couple whose online presence had been a national pride as they were featured in numerous international publications. “Aldub,” as how they are known, comprises of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza as Yaya Dub.

You can dress up in a casual outfit atop a kitchen apron and carry a huge handheld fan to complete the whole look. Don’t forget to put on your best comical expression to make it more convincing. If this isn’t the simplest, then I don’t know what is.

  1. Kuya Kim Atienza’s adventurous look

Kuya Kim in his everyday outfit–signature look.

Kuya Kim isn’t Kuya Kim without his signature beige safari hat. The “Matanglawin” host never seems to get enough wearing the same style even when he’s broadcasting live along EDSA traffic.

Grab your simplest polo shirt, cargo pants, and safari hat to nail the always-on-the-go getup Kuya Kim wears everyday. Happy Halloween to you, too and you’re welcome.

  1. Senator Leila de Lima’s signature wrap around accessory

Senator Leila de Lima wearing her favorite accessory in a Senate hearing

The neophyte senator doesn’t go to war without these three important things—courage, integrity and a printed cotton scarf. Her wrap around accessory got the attention of the public which, for some reason, is being used to criticize her in the most unattractive way. It’s unbelievable when people don’t appreciate fashion like de Lima does.

To achieve her elegant yet feisty look, you need to put on your mother’s (or yours, if you’re cool like that) floral scarf loosely around your neck and scream at the promiscuity that is today’s administration.

  1. President Duterte’s casual cowboy attire
Rodrigo Duterte

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte last May elections in plaid and loafers.

Celebrated fashion designers may not like what they’re seeing but President Rodrigo Duterte will, until the end of time, dress comfortably in plaid and favorite brogue-style footwear. The head of state is not a braggadocio when it comes to fashion but an actual king of comfort-over-style which everybody appreciates most about him.

It’s okay to do away with the “cliché” Halloween costumes—DC, vampire, Frankenstein—and go for the comfy attire inspired by our own local personalities. You’re too lazy to dress up, anyway so why not.


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