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Home buddies for life: Top 10 Animals that Make Great Pets

It’s different when you care for a human infant and own a pet animal. While babies can be a little complicated, not to mention the expenses that go with it, caring for a pet won’t take so much work.

Whether you’re expecting a new addition to the family or just want a companion in life, here are 10 animals that make great and cute house buddies.

  1. Pot-bellied pigs


If you ask someone on what animal they would like to own as a pet, a few would only opt for pigs. Pot-bellied pigs are the ones you, at home, can actually take care of. These cute little creatures are originally from Vietnam and can live for at least 15 to 20 years.

  1. Lizards


You would think that these reptiles are instant pets for appearing too frequently on your walls and ceilings. These lizards, however, are the type you can carry, and a little challenging, too. Some of the pet lizards available are Geckos, Skinks, an Anoles. Each species requires a particular approach so make sure that you’ve researched well before getting one.

  1. Turtles/tortoise


These shelled water animals don’t do much if you’re after fun and playtime.  Expect a slow and laid back animal care with these amphibian creatures.   

  1. Guinea Pig/Hamsters


Don’t be mistaken. Guinea pigs and hamsters are not in the same rat species, (and they’re not for any of your experiments). The former is generally larger and grows a thicker fur compared to hamsters. Regardless, these friendly house animals can take away your stress even by just observing them play in their tiny playground.

  1. Hedgehogs


Hedgehogs are the perfect pets to bring wherever you go. The size and shape of a hedgehog permit itself to shelf in pockets and small spaces. While you are excited to bring one at work or school, these spiky tiny pets won’t probably be the same to you. They are not the socializing type and are best for those who are away most of the time.

  1. Birds


What makes birds good companions at home? Simple. You won’t ever sing alone at your living room ever again. These birds are fond of chirping and singing as what they usually do while hanging out in trees.

  1. Fish


Caring for fishes is an easy chore to do. Although you have your janitor fish along your other set of marine pets, you, as the owner, should also make sure that the tank is squeaky clean.

  1. Bunnies


They hop, skip, and sometimes get real mad. Bunnies are such lovely pets to have at home, it’s unbelievable! It’s so fluffy you just wanna die, as Agnes of “Despicable Me” exaggerates.

  1. Cats


They may be a snob at times but these beautiful felines love to play and roll all over your body. Cats aren’t completely numb, they’re actually very affectionate when they are in the mood.

  1. Dogs

Who can resist dogs? They’re the most lovable creatures to ever exist! Dogs get too attached to its owners–welcomes you the moment you arrive home. They’re called man’s best friend for a reason. 



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