T. Rex makes Audi’s self-driving car look cool

by Michelle Ylaya

The automobile industry predicts that the advancement of self-driving cars will benefit a lot of people in the future. From the elderly to the disabled, self-driving cars will change the lives of immobilized individuals who otherwise couldn’t travel around as easily as they need to.


Photo Credit: Pinterest

Included in the list, apparently is a certain depressed T. Rex or at least that’s what he testifies in Audi’s ad for its self-driving feature which it will be launching in 2018.
We’ve all seen the memes featuring T. Rex. T. Rex can’t paint with his short arms or even clap his hands. Now watch the video from Razorfish and director, Stephan Wever of Stink and Sehsucht managing VFX.

Watch the video here:

It’s sentimental, complete with a piano playing slowly in the background as the T. Rex narrates his story.

The T. Rex looks out of his window, trapped in his own house – unable to ride public transport because of an apparent law that was passed to ban him from venturing into the outside world. That was also the day he stopped being “the most feared animal on the planet”. Now, the “short armed T. Rex just gets ridiculed on the Internet”.

His attempt at making a bed is mocked on YouTube and that’s not all, his stubby arms can’t reach the keys of the ATM. He can’t lift weights or play football. All the
T. Rex wanted to do was stay in bed the whole day.

And just as things seemed hopeless for T. Rex, he discovers something he can only describe as magic – Audi’s auto-piloted driving. The video drives into motion literally, as the video shows the self-driving car cruising the highway.

The T. Rex’s newfound freedom renews his “lust for life” as he calls it and celebrates his comeback. Comically, the T. Rex’s tail is slightly hanging out a back window.

According to VFX head Florian Zachau of Sehsucht, the team worked hard on the T. Rex’s expressions. “A T-Rex is a rather stiff character, and there is not a lot of variety on expression and gestures the animators could use in order to bring out the sadness. The interview scene, in particular, was not easy. There is a very thin line between making it look natural rather than awkward.”

Awkward, the ad is not. It’s amusing while conveying a message many people can relate to, especially those who need assistance to get from place to place. Audi appeals to the generation because who doesn’t think the T. Rex memes are funny? But as an ad, it sells what is at the heart of automated driving – independence.


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