Science & Technology

The Pros and Cons of buying the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Edge

by Michelle Ylaya 

Just as everyone (including Apple users) was considering switching to the Galaxy Note 7 Edge, news hits that Samsung is recalling 2.5 million phones before more explode worldwide.

It’s water resistant to up to 5 feet and you can make gifs instantly with the S Pen. In fact you can do wonders with the S Pen including doodling on your phone underwater. Forget Touch ID to unlock your phone, Samsung has integrated retina scan technology in the latest Galaxy Note phone.

The very impressive features of the Note 7 compete with those of the iPhone 7 but minus the missing audio jack that Apple has decided to omit from the iPhone design.

But while some people were thinking about the pros of buying the Android phone vs the new iPhone, reports that some phones have exploded surfaces in the media.

As of today, 70 Samsung Note 7 phones in the US have caught on fire. The culprit according to experts is the faulty lithium battery that explodes when overcharging.


Your phone’s inexpensive expandable memory might be cool but when your phone destroys your Jeep Grand Cherokee (as the Note 7 has in Florida), you might consider upgrading to an Apple phone instead.

Its not such a great phone, when you can’t use it on board on local and international flights.  The International Air Transport Association has warned passengers of using and charging the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Edge on flights, effectively likening them to explosives.

Even our own flagship carrier, Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific as well as Air Asia have issued that passengers are not allowed to use or charge their Galaxy Note 7 during flights.

If you’ve already bought a Galaxy Note 7 and for whatever reason, don’t want Samsung to replaced the one you’ve got, you can always work with your phone’s waterproof feature and place it inside a bucket of ice while its charging, so that you can avoid overheating the battery.  That’s what one ingenuous user did.




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