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Earphones go wireless, world loses it!

by Michelle Ylaya

Apple’s announcement that the iPhone7 won’t be getting audio jacks for wired earphones has generated a lot of memes in the Internet, showing the general public discontent with the change from Apple.

There’s apparently a lot about the iPhone 7, the Internet isn’t happy about.   The wireless charging for example, and that visually it doesn’t differ from the earlier models of the iPhone.

But it’s the wireless earphones that really take the cake for the most meme-worthy feature of the soon to launch iPhone 7.

Making the earphones wireless didn’t seem too appealing to the people of the Internet, with many of the memes emphasizing on how tiny and easy to lose the wireless earphones are.

One meme added the words, “Lost. F******. Immediately” under the Apple’s copy write that described them as “Wireless. Effortless. Magical”


While another meme naturally expects to lose the “pea sized” wireless earphones, right after upgrading to the newest iPhone.



A twitter user points out that the Airpods are so small that they could be swallowed accidentally. One has to wonder if the Airpods are indeed child and pet proof and that they won’t be a choking hazard for small children and kittens.



The unusual shape of the “AirPods” as Apple calls it was also the subject of ridicule among the Internet memes.   One user simply pulled the wires off of his existing Apple earphones and wrote “Save your money by doing this!”

The new earphones from Apple certainly look exactly like the wired earphones that come with the older models but without the wire.  It’s perhaps for this reason that the reaction to the Apple Airpods is the way it is.

Instead of changing the look of the Apple earphones to make it appear more high tech like the Samsung wireless earphones, the “breakthrough wireless design” fails to meet the public’s expectations.



Hilariously, the new apple earphones has been likened to the detachable head of an electronic toothbrushes in the internet. This points out to the sophistication the Apple Airpods is lacking.

The recent unveiling from Apple has once again become the subject of much criticism as they always have in the past Apple launches, especially from Android Users.

Unfortunately for Apple, this recent launch has failed to impress even the most devoted of Apple fans. Even with the better camera and “waterproof” feature of the iPhone 7, the untested wireless charging and unimpressive wireless earphones makes skeptics out of everyone.  Apple has seemingly removed the option to use wired earphones.

We will have to see if these changes will catch on, once the iPhone is available in the market soon. We can all be skeptics, until then.







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