No Marcos burial until October 18, SC declares


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The Supreme Court extended the Status Quo Ante order until October 18 of the supposed burial of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos on September 18 at the Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNMB).

SC spokesperson Theodore Te announced the extended SQA as the Court en ban concluded the oral arguments on petitions versus Marcos, allowing SC justices to further study the case at hand.

“After the oral arguments were concluded, the Court En Banc met and agreed to extend the Status Quo Ante Order issued on August 23, 2016 served on August 24, expiring on September 23, 2016 up to October 18, 2016,” Te said.

During the second round of the oral argument, Solicitor General Jose Calida defended before the high tribunal President Duterte’s decision for Marcos’ interment at the heroes’ cemetery

Sol. Gen. Calida was resolute about the dismissal of the petitions. He argued that Marcos is entitled to be buried at the Libingan for serving the country as a soldier and a Word War veteran.

He also added that the heroes’ cemetery was not exclusive for heroes alone as it is not stated under Republic Act 289 or the law which covers matters on national heroes and patriots.

Calida relayed the President’s intention to “heal” the nation through the burial of President Marcos.

“As the father of this nation, President Duterte decides to begin the long overdue healing of our nation and to exorcise the ghost of enmity and bitterness that prevent us from moving forward. Unfortunately, the wisdom and propriety of President Duterte’s well-meaning desire to put a closure in this divisive issue has pinched the nerves of some who cannot forget their travails during the martial law era,” Calida expressed.

The petitioners, however, are still hoping for finally dismissing Marcos’ interment at the Libingan as it violates RA 289 for he was no hero and never will be.

The oral arguments concluded at 5 p.m. and told both parties to file their set of memorandum in 20 days before ultimately resolving the case.

Sources: philstar, interaksyon



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