There’s No Way But Up: Favorite Hiking Spots near Metro Manila


Sometimes, getting away from the dreading vibe of the city can save you from totally losing your mind. Why not look for new activities with family and friends that don’t involve clicking and scrolling through your social media sites. Go outside Metro Manila and discover what mother nature has in store.

Here are some hiking trails near the city that you can visit anytime.

  1. Mt. Batulao (Nasugbu, Batangas)



The 2-3 hour drive from Manila to Nasugbu isn’t that bad especially if you’re going on a hike to Mt. Batulao. It’s jagged profile might challenge you a little but some trekkers promise a breathtaking view once you reach its peak.

2. Mt. Maculot (Cuenca, Batangas)


source: rowiewanderlist

Another favorite trail in the southern part of Luzon is Mount Maculot in Cuenca, Batangas.  It is said to offer trekkers the most majestic view of the famous Taal Lake.  Rest assured that your first-hike will be one heck of an experience together with frequent goers and new hikers like you.

3. Mt. Makiling (Laguna)


source: blogspot

The legend of Mariang Makiling has always drawn many tourists to visit Mt. Makiling and surrounding resorts in the area. Aside from hot springs and private pools, Mt. Makiling offers an attraction to trekkers who want to step-up their game in hiking. The Melkas Ridge is one of the most difficult “obstacles” to cross as hikers need to grab onto ropes to help themselves up. This would be one interesting hike for adventure-seekers out there.

4. Mt. Pamitinan (Rodriguez, Rizal)


source: andreatheallocentric 

Similar to Mariang Makiling, another folk hero, Bernardo Carpio was said to had separated mountains Pamitinan and Binacayan which are now famous trekking spots near the city. As you trail up to its peak, you can see the distant mountains Arayat and Hapunang Banoy, and a little to the northeast south part, a view of Sierra Madre mountains can be seen.

5. Pico de Loro (Ternate, Cavite)


source: blogspot

One of the most visited trails in the south, Pico de Loro offers a 360-degree view of the lustrous thick forests of Ternate, Nasugbu, and Maragondon. You can also oversee Manila Bay and Corregidor from its highest point.

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, you can ask or search for other hiking spots within or a far from Metro Manila.

It’s always nice to unwind and get yourself into activities that restore the mind, body, and soul.


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