Youtube’s Most Viral: Top Carpool Jams with James Corden Based on Views

by Tina Miranda 

Imagine yourself with an Uber driver who’s as charming and ecstatic as James Corden. This, now, is a dream come true. The Late Late show host conquered the world wide web (and Youtube) as he does karaoke sessions with the biggest Hollywood celebs inside his fancy car.

Here’s a few of the most viewed carpool jams you should revisit when you find yourself all jaded.

5. Jennifer Lopez 


“Jenny from the block” truly made 47 million people jealous with a text from the ever gorgeous and Oscar champ Leonardo DiCaprio, all thanks to James “the mischievous” Corden. He sent a teasing text message to Leo which he took very charmingly.

4. Sia 


Everything is twice the fun when you have matching outfits, right? Corden wore his own straight bob wig following Sia’s trademark hair identity. This then made 57 million intrigued on whether she’ll show up with her face on. Sorry to say, but she remained all covered up with that perfectly combed bangs of hers.

3. One Direction 


Probably one of the most anticipated moments in the show; One Direction gave an exhilarating karaoke session, minus then solo artist Zayn Malik, of course. It goes from falsetto singing to which girl to shag, marry, or kill, to Corden’s silly choreography for the song “No Control.” Definitely a promising event for the Brit boys and their 78 million viewers.

2. Justin Bieber 


The power of the biebs never ceases. Justin Bieber earned the most viewed carpool vid if you add up all three of his karaoke jams with the late late show star. His initial appearance earned him a total of 88 million views which followed another 50 million in his second karaoke video. A third episode with Justin lured 25 million more in their post-Grammys drive to who knows where.

1. Adele


The 28-year old singer/songwriter nailed her high notes together with Corden in an explosive carpool duet in the streets of London. Rumor has it that James is a “greater” singer than the diva herself. Why not watch it for yourself and you’ll get why it’s 121 million times more popular than any carpool karaoke he’s done with, so far.

Watch out for more carpool sessions with your favorite celebrity icons in the days to come. You might just catch Arianna or Beyonce jam out in their own tunes together with carpool mogul James Corden.


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