Look on the Bright Side: Qualities of Millennials Older Generations Leave Behind

They are judged, insulted, and misunderstood. Millennials have had enough of your criticisms, and want to prove you wrong.

Here’s a few (out of many) of their deemed qualities every generation should take note of.

  1. They are confident


This group of young adults are the most educated according to several studies made in the West. Although a third-world (developing) country, the Philippines has a great number of well-learned students from public and private institutions, thanks to the internet, everything is now searchable. Millennials get loads of information straight from their laptops and mobile devices. Millennials also engage in intellectual conversations through social media platforms and create differences by clicking and browsing.

  1. They are motivated


Millennials want to avoid the same mistakes the older generations made in the past. They are motivated to become better people for others as well as themselves. Although some describe them to be “lazy” and “delusional,” you need to understand that, like everyone else, millennials have dreams and aspirations, too.

  1. They are always in search for a sense of purpose


One thing that most people discount about millennials is there continuous search for true meaning and purpose. Money may be “the anthem of success” for many, but millennials seek for something beyond that. Their significance to a community or company is what’s more important.

  1. They are civic-oriented


Their social engagement online isn’t just about likes and selfies. They find the internet as one of the best ways to communicate and share stories that inspire and help people around the world. Millennials are eager to reach out to those in need. They serve change through online petitions on several world issues. The so called “narcissistic” group feels obligated in making the world a better place for everybody.

  1. They are liberals


Millennials understand, that’s the best thing about them. Their hearts and minds are open for change and diversity. The internet is a big influence to this thinking. Some surveys say that millennials are most likely to support same-sex marriage and other issues that discuss concerns about the LGBT and minor groups across the globe.

Millennials are more than what most people dub them to be. Give a chance to know them better and you’ll be surprised, they might not be the “delusional” “senseless” kids you think they are.


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