Arianna Huffington Quits HuffPost for Wellness Project


Arianna Huffington is leaving the Huffington Post  to focus on the launch of her start-up company Thrive Global.

Arianna, who was the editor-in-chief (EIC)of the Huffington Post,  announced her departure on August 12 citing her decision to concentrate on her health and wellness project.

The former EIC has been an advocate of the importance of sleep and has written two books on well-being.

Thrive Global will educate interested companies and their employees on how to manage stress and exhaustion, through workshops and online courses.

Huffington claims that the digital age has made sleeplessness an epidemic in the U.S.  which has hindered productivity in the workplace.

In a recent recode podcast interview with Kara Swisher and Lauren Goode at Too Embarrassed to Ask, the 66 year-old even cited presidential candidate Donald Trump as suffering from the adverse effects of lack of sleep.

Trump has said that he only sleeps for four hours and according to Arianna this has caused his paranoia and mood swings.

Huffington is no stranger to the pressures of the business world.  She co-founded the Huffington Post and was the news website’s editor-in-chief for 11 years.

According to her, she had intended to continue to work for the Huffington Post when she began Thrive Global as a side venture. But the author decided to step down from the Huffington Post and work full-time on Thrive Global so that she can live by the principles she wants to teach the corporate world.

“Running both companies would have involved working around the clock, which would be a betrayal of the very principles of Thrive I’ve been writing and speaking about,” said Huffington.

“To truly thrive means knowing when the time has come to close one chapter and start the next, and for me that time has arrived,” she added.

While the Huffington Post has greatly contributed to the rapid information-sharing in the digital world, it is interesting that its co-founder is taking a step back and advocating for tech users to limit their usage of digital media.

However, some sources have given another reason for her departure. Verizon – the company who bought AOL, owner of the Huffington Post, is also acquiring Yahoo and that may change everything  in terms of the HuffPost’s stature at Verizon.

Regardless of the politics  within Verizon’s business holdings, Lerer Hippeau Ventures  has reportedly invested $ 7 million in Thrive Global at a $ 33 million valuation, indicating that it is in Arianna Huffington’s best interest to devote her full time in Thrive Global.  It is expected to launch in November.


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