5 Chat Applications Pinoys Have in their Mobile Phones

By Tina Miranda 

Done are the days of snail mails and long telephone conversations.  Although not entirely obsolete, most people, however, prefer to communicate via their social media accounts.

Thanks to tech geeks, a fast and easy way to converse is now possible. You can talk, laugh, and watch with your family and friends (even when you’re in bed) through the use of different mobile applications.

Here is our list of messaging apps that are mostly used in the Philippines (despite the aggravating internet speed).

  1. FB Messenger


Messenger is a separate phone app from Facebook that provides group chats and personal messaging. There’s no need to open FB to access your chat box anymore. You’re now free to communicate with your pals minus the annoying game notifications.

This, perhaps, is the most installed messaging application in the country. Now that network providers offer free data promos, you can use Messenger even without an internet connection. You just have to open your mobile data and you’re all set to use the app.

  1. Viber


Like FB messenger, you can also access Viber without connecting to a wifi or internet by registering to a load promo. If you’re on your computer often than on mobile, you can install the desktop version of the app the same way as Skype. Viber also includes a variety of emojis, animated, and character stickers.

  1. WhatsApp


One of the world leaders in online messaging, WhatsApp claims to spearhead in 109 countries like Brazil, Mexico, India, Russia, and many other countries in South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. You can send photos, audio recordings, and videos faster than Viber and Facebook Messenger. Maybe this is why more people trust the app compared to others mentioned.

  1. WeChat


WeChat is one of the most exciting online app you can install because of its several innovative features. Similar to Tinder, you can search, locate, and interact with friends near you. Look for new pals based on their QR codes and location, and have fun making new friendships, and possible romantic affairs.

  1. Telegram


Most online users hop from different messaging apps to Telegram because of the same reason—they’re starting to become too slow to even function. Aside from its reliable speed and features, people install the app for customized stickers which you can send among your peers. You can never go bored with cut-out faces and personalized memes that you can re-use and add to group chats and private conversations.

Near, far, or wherever you are, your thoughts and stories do go on through these chat apps that you can install on your mobile devices. What a better way to build bridges and create more friendships in the easiest way possible! Enjoy and happy chatting!



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