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We Bare Bears Explores What’s Trending and What’s Forever

by Michelle Ylaya

we bare bears

Credit: Cartoon Network.com

We Bare Bears is more than three bears scavenging for food, its viral videos, cupcakes, cute animal videos, online dating and everything in between.   It’s a cartoon whose animated characters would otherwise be stars of their own viral videos and gifs – three talking, sneezing, dancing bears.

Created by Daniel Chong and based on the web comic The Three Bare Bears, this unexpected animated series follows, Pan Pan, Grizz, and Ice Bear, three adoptive brothers as they attempt to do normal things that humans do in San Francisco – the hippest place in the world for foodies and environmentalists.

It is perhaps the timeliest cartoon out there, as it speaks to a generation that is indisputably connected to the Internet and ‘what’s trending.’

They try to balance between their primal nature as bears and their unique situation of living in the civilized world with humans. Because they’re full grown bears, they eat a lot and for the three bears that doesn’t just mean crashing a picnic in the local park to expand their culinary tastes, these bears are practically foodies with specific allergies after all.


The heart of the group is Pan Pan (voiced by Bobby Moynihan) who is forever looking for dates and likes from girls in the Internet.  Panda always has his smartphone with him and like every tech savvy social media user he takes photos of everything that interests him, including his food.  The most sensitive of the group, he also has a lot of allergies, which is probably why he sneezes a lot – and that’s the cutest thing ever.


Ice Bear (Demetri Martin) is the chef that doesn’t talk much but holds the group together. In one episode, they’ve even started a food truck selling the Ice Bear’s specialty calzone, because food trucks and calzones are trending these days.  He’s the most tranquil of the bears as long as he has his refrigerator – that is.


Grizz (Eric Edelstein) is their leader who is also the most outgoing.  He’s the one with all the ideas on what sort of adventure the three bears will get into for the day. He is the most socially conscious as well and leads the group into trying ‘what all the other humans are doing.’ Whether it’s the ‘tote life,’ listing their cottage on the internet as bed and breakfast, or following their 21 day cleanse, Grizzly is the bear to start it.


We Bare Bears will steal your heart no matter how old or young you are.  It’s a  funny take on viral animals on the Internet and our fascination with them. And maybe even with our fascination with the newest app, and everything that’s trending online.  But mostly its about brotherhood and friendship and that’s why it’s a cartoon that you need to watch.



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