Don’t Blink and Drive: Tips to Stay Awake During Long Drives

There are times when you just can’t help but feel drowsy while driving. You begin to daydream and wish for a driver who can conveniently take you to places you want go. To help you, below are a few tips which you can do to keep yourself alive, alert, awake and enthusiastic throughout your journey.

  1. Get enough sleep

Before hitting the road, ensure that you have at least seven hours of sleep. This will build up energy reserves ready for the day’s activities. Doctors say that you should avoid driving between 1 to 3 pm. Your body temperature is lower during this time, which causes you to be worn out and drowsy.

  1. Take breaks

Don’t force yourself to stay awake while you’re driving. Make a quick stop at a gas station and take a nap. Feel free to visit the restroom or do some stretching. You can also get a couple of snacks to add to your bag full of chips and drinks.

  1. Share driving with a friend

It’s absolutely tiring to drive to a far-off destination nonstop.  Not that you’re alone, or just enjoy driving, but it’s also wise to hand the driving wheel to a friend or family. Take the last hours of road trip as your resting period. You deserve it.

  1. Keep yourself entertained

Listening to music can be distracting at times. Long drives, however, require you to stay alert for any mishaps that may occur. Try turning up your radio and sing along to your favorite songs. Have someone do a duet with you or maybe a group to sing along with. Turn up that music!

These are just a few things to remember while you are on the road. It doesn’t matter if you go too slow or took too many stops. What’s important is that you arrive in your destination safe and sound.


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