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How Can Sleep Transform You Overnight

by Tina Miranda

Sleep is definitely not for the weak. In fact, the longer you sleep the stronger your mind and body transforms. Like battery-powered machines, you’ll run out eventually.

If you think that pulling off an all-nighter is the only solution, think again. Here are facts why sleep is vital to a happy and productive life.

  1. Sleep improves memory, thinking

If you’re a self-proclaimed brilliant, excellent person; or think that you’re the next Einstein of your generation, you might be one of the few who gets to complete a 7 to 10 hours of sleeping time. It’s not always about genes. One factor for your good grades and creative mind is a good night’s rest. Sleeping strengthens emotional components of a memory which helps spur creativity. Forcing yourself to stay awake while working on a deadline might only lead to a senseless term paper and regret it later ob. A well-thought out paper requires a well-rested mind.

  1. Sleep reduces stress

Sleeping doesn’t just help freshen up the outer appearance; it also helps in maintaining a healthy cardiovascular condition. Having enough sleep results to a better control of your blood pressure. Once your blood pressure shoots up, it increases your risk for heart attack and stroke which triggers stress hormones that can result to restlessness or insomnia.

  1. Sleep improves healthy body condition

For those who are extremely conscious of their weight, doctors say that sleeping helps in having that fit and healthy body. Lack of sleep impacts the balance of your hormones that affect appetite. The more you sleep late, the more food you take as you finish another tv episode ’til 3 in the morning. Better manage your time for leisure, work, and exercise.

  1. Sleep reduces risk for depression

Doctors say that lack of sleep can contribute to a depressed state of mind. Depression isn’t a petty issue. When you don’t have enough sleep or don’t sleep at all, it impacts your serotonin hormones, which more likely develop depression.

  1. Sleep repairs your body internally

While you sleep soundly in your warm soft bed, your body repairs damage caused by stress, ultraviolet rays, and other harmful exposure after a day’s work. Your body produces more protein which heals and makes your inner being better than before.

Don’t deprive yourself of sleep. Put in mind that having enough rest is as important as pushing yourself to the limit. You’ll accomplish tasks better and faster if you allot yourself enough sleeping time.


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