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Nancy Binay Still Knows How to be Trending

By Michelle Ylaya

Not so long ago, the State of the Nation Address (SONA) has once again brought attention to the Senate.  Previously dubbed as a fashion show for the senators and their wives, President Duterte’s mandatory “business attire” dress code would seem to have dampened the once glorified display of designer ternos and Filipinianas and supposedly meme-worthy dresses.

But not for Nancy Binay.  Her dress still caught the attention of social media.

For two consecutive years her dresses have been compared to Pokemons, X-Men, Fiona from Shrek, and even a hot air balloon.


People in social media will agree that this year’s SONA dress was no different, as Nancy Binay did not disappoint in her Randy Ortiz black gown.

Even though ‘knee-length’ was the mandatory code for ladies’ dresses, Nancy Binay still brought the wow factor, proving that rules are truly meant to be broken.

One netizen, compared Nancy Binay’s dress to a black molly, a kind of fish whose fins really do look like the very inspiration for Nancy’s dress.

nancy my kween

nancy did it again

Another netizen posted this edited photo of Nancy Binay and completed her look with a Batman mask, belt and gloves.  Maybe in the next SONA Nancy Binay will wear a leather filipiniana to truly embody the Batman spirit.

On another note, Nancy Binay’s  gown, specifically her butterfly sleeves, reminded this twitter user of a more haunting image.   Could that  ghost once have been the original owner of Nacy Binay’s unique gown?

nancy as valak

This year even Nancy Binay’s accessories did not miss the attention of the social media.  Her clutch looked remarkably  like one of those aluminum leche flan containers  that we’re all too familiar with.   That’s probably why the comparison is undeniable.

nancy flan

Nancy Binay reportedly forgot President Duterte’s memo on the dresscode or she never got it. Either way she truly stood out during the SONA sporting a new hairstyle and color to match her designer gown. Whether there will be more memes of  Senator Binay’s dress to come will depend on the creativity of netizens and sudden bursts of  inspiration.



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