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Venus shows similar climate to that of Earth, NASA study finds

by Michelle Ylaya

Mars has been in the news lately, when it was reported that there’s water in the planet. Whether Mars could be our second home in the future was the trending topic in social media at that time.   While we look to Mars for our future, Venus is now making news as having had livable  conditions similar to that of the earth over 3 billion years ago.

The claim that Venus could have once been habitable is particularly founded on new climate models that show that over 3 billion years ago, Venus had temperatcienures similar to that of the earth. The climate of  Venus at that time could have averaged 11 degrees Celsius, on the assumption that it spanned as slowly as it does today.

The NASA team conducted four models of Venus, tweaking factors in each version’s day  lengths and amount of exposure to the sun over a period of billions of years. The result of the simulations showed that human life could have survived in Venus until 715 million years ago. There may have even been an ocean, and in some simulations, snowfall.

The variable scientists are debating on whether or not Venus rotated in its axis faster in the past that it does now.  Some astronomers cite that the earth’s own rotation has slowed over time. Given the fact that Venus and the earth are similar in size and density , they argue that the NASA study needs to strengthen its research further.

But the study is promising to theorists who believe that Venus is the earth’s older twin. This is because Venus and the earth are similar in terms of its size, density and composition.

Venus is also considered as the earth’s “evil” twin because it is the hottest planet in the Solar System with average temperatures of 462 degrees Celsius. Venus’ atmosphere is made up of sulfuric acid and the barometric pressure in the planet could crush any human being.

What the scientists at NASA want to know is what led to the changes in Venus, which once could have been suitable to life. In the future, probes to Venus, are being planned in order to know more about the earth’s twin, Venus.



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